Best Electric Shower Uk 2022 (Mira, Triton and Bristan)

Best Electric Shower

Hi, this is Martin an expert in hydro and thermal power generation. I’ve compiled a list of the best electric shower considering different features that include the capacity of the heating element, power of the pressure pump, lime-scale accumulation, beauty of the shower, and fitting aspects. Please must go through the pros and cons before making any final decision. Good luck!

If you are short of time and looking for some quick advice, have a look at the below chart. I’ve discussed detailed aspects after the chart.

Chart for the best electric shower uk

Preference Name Company name Image Price
I don’t mind the price and looking for the best electric shower equipped with modern techniques to control water pressure and temperature with the safety of bathing.

Mira Shower Sport Max Mira Showers MIRA SPORT MAX Check price
I am not much concerned about the price but concerned about fitting and other installation aspects like water and electricity entrance. I am replacing my old power shower and worried about more screws in the beautiful walls of my bathroom. Mira Showers Jump Multi-Fit Mira Showers Mira jump multi fit Check Price
I don’t mind the price of the shower. My bathroom is very stylish and luxurious. I want to get the best power shower that increases the beauty of my bathroom. It should also provide me ease in using features. Triton T100xr Triton Showers Triton T100xr 10.5KW Electric Shower White & Brushed Chrome Fascia - Rp T80XR Check Price
I am looking for an economical electric shower with reasonable features and quality. Triton Seville Universal Electric Shower Triton Showers Triton Showers MOSV01SG Seville Universal Electric Shower, 10.5 KW Check Price
I am ok with the higher price but looking for quality stuff. Mira Showers Thermostatic Mira Showers Mira Showers 1.1746.006 Sport 9.8 kW Thermostatic Electric Shower - WhiteChrome Check Price
I don’t mind the higher price and looking for some extra-ordinary, excellent, user-friendly, and exceptional piece with durability and amazing looks. Grohe Euphoria Grohe Showers GROHE 27964000 Euphoria 210 Shower System with Thermostat Check Price

#1) Mira Showers Sport Max (Best Electric shower from Mira)

Mira is the number one choice among electric shower users in the United Kingdom. The shower is equipped with the latest technologies to provide an amazing bath experience. The features of Mira Sport Max include clear scale technology, temperature sensitivity, limescale protection, and air-boost.

There is a phased shut down that ensures hot water is pushed from the shower for protection and safety purposes. It’s a proud product of Mira presenting alluring and pleasing looks with a blend of modern technology and exceptional user experience

Mira Showers

Product features

  • Brilliant boost in water pressure with Air boost technology
  • Your body is protected from overheating with Sensi-flow technology.
  • Clear-scale technology helps in reducing lime-blockage, resulting in better performance.

The modern features and brand name of Mira showers make it our first choice for electric showers. The company specializes in the manufacturing of safe and sound electric showers to ensure your luxury bathing experience.

What we like about it

  • It should take around 30 minutes to install the shower. It’s easy to install.
  • Water pressure from air boost is increased by around 30%. It’s a brilliant product to purchase if there is the lower water pressure in your apartment or building.
  • It’s a stylish and beautiful shower that increases the beauty of your bathroom.
  • Very good customer care from Mira Showers. They are helping people who can resolve your issues.
  • It required a cold water supply only. There is no problem with the hot water anymore. You can use hot water as much as you want to.


  • Needs a maintained water pressure to ensure the smooth run of the water.
  • It’s a non-thermostatic electric shower, but sensi flo ensures the temperature does not run too high.
  • Please don’t buy this shower if you are replacing your previous electric shower. There will be a problem with the water entry and electricity supply etc.
  • You need a strong electric wire because 10.8 KW is such a higher power requirement. If a pre-active approach is not taken, there might be problems.

#2) Mira Showers Jump Multi-Fit

Yes, Multi-fit means you can easily replace the previous electric shower as there are multiple entry points for the water and electricity. The exceptional features of this product include ease in installation and an instant heating element that consumes electricity and heats up the warm water. The hot water supply does not end until you are finished with the bathing activity.

It’s a complete value for money electric shower from Mira. This product is known in the United Kingdom and some parts of the United States. Water pressure is good as it gets fitted with the main water supply and heats the water. However, the pressure is dependent on the flow of water from the main supply. Mira multi-fit shower is equipped with clear scale technology for ultimate protection and durability of your bathing experience. Three spray heads are provided to a diverse pattern of falling water drops for your high pleasure.

 Shower MIRA

Product features

  • Easy fitting procedure.
  • 2-years company warranty.
  • Direct fitting with main supply.
  • Flexible water and electric entry supply.
  • 16 different cables and water entrance points make it an exceptional shower for replacement.

What we like about it

  • Brilliant to fit if replacing previous Mira or other showers because it got multiple entry points for the water feed and electric cable. There are 36 installing compositions.
  • The power requirement of the shower is In line with the power generation of the UK. It should protect your electric system.
  • 8.5 KW is sufficient to heat up the water temperature. The good quality wire does not melt at this thermal temperature.


  • There is no pressure pump and the shower is dependent on the pressure of the water supply, if the water supply is not fitted in at an adequate place, the shower does not work efficiently.
  • Some people reported an issue with beauty. It’s logical because the basic designing purpose of a shower is fitting not beauty. If you are looking for beauty, go on the next shower in list.
  • The shower head is not durable; you may need to arrange the shower head.

#3) Triton T100-xr (Best electric shower from Triton)

If your bathroom is lavish in looks and you’ve used expensive tiles and decoration. We recommend the purchase of Triton T100xr White and Brushed chrome fascia. This shower is guaranteed to increase the beauty of your bathroom to the next level.

The shower is slim in body and gives a pleasant look. A temperature control mechanism is easy to control and installation is easy. The shower is equipped with an internal heating system and power indications.

Triton Seville

Product features

  • Internal heating system.
  • 5 different spray patterns.
  • Indicators of low pressure.
  • Slim design with crush beauty.
  • Indicators of power on and off.
  • Lavish look with a curved design.
  • Temperature control mechanism.

What we like about it

  • A stylish and durable electric shower that increases the beauty of your bathroom.
  • Internal wires of the shower are strong that gives you durability.
  • Lowe water pressure indicator – indicates if a water supply is lower.
  • The head of the shower can be cleaned by rubbing with the hands. Double interlocked stainless steel protects shower from the water penetration.
  • Cold water feed is needed only. There is no need to install the hot water system. The hot water is easily available at your ease.


  • Some problems were reported for customer services of the Triton.
  • Some delivery issues were reported by the people in the United Kingdom.
  • If you opt for the 10.5 KW power, you need to have a strong cable system that does not melt.

#4) Triton Showers (Seville Universal Electric)

It’s a traditional one head spray shower with no advanced features. Basic functions like water heating and multiple cable and water entry points are provided. Seville shower provided basic features and lacks modern technologies like sensi-flo, clear scale technology and air boost technology. However, basic shower features like temperature controls and pressure management seem to fit your need for the electric shower.


Product features

  • Single spray pattern.
  • With hose for safety.
  • Easy to clean shower head.
  • Flexible on locating position.
  • Equipped with an instant heating system.
  • 3 temperature settings as cold, eco, and high.

What we like about it

  • It’s an economical shower with all the basic features that suffice your needs for the electric shower.
  • Basic features are efficient as water pressure and water temperature can be controlled efficiently.
  • Multiple cables and water entrance that makes it easy to install the shower. Power indicator, low water pressure cut out, temperature cut out and safety cut out are some attractive features.


  • No advanced features or luxury style as shower fall in an economical category.
  • Some pressure-related issues were reported by the users in the United Kingdom.
  • The performance of the shower is affected if the water pressure is low.

#5)  Mira Showers Vigour Thermostatic Power

It’s a power shower that drains hot and cold water from sources, mixes it to a set temperature, and gives a powerful pump that touches your body. There is a strong pumping system that even works at a low-pressure water supply. It’s the perfect solution if the supply of your water is lower and you want an electric boost to enjoy the showering process.

Mira Vigour Electric Shower

Product features

  • Four different spray heads.
  • Exhilarating spray
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful thermostat.

What we like about it

  • A very good water pressure system is built-in. It got the capability to transfer the low-pressure water supply into a hard one.
  • The features of the shower are designed to be expressive that makes it easy to adjust thermostat temperature and water pressure. Even, minimum water flow is sufficient to amaze you.
  • The thermostat is powerful enough to regulate the water temperature and saves you from over-heating.


  • This shower does not contain a heating element. It’s just a thermostat that checks water temperature and saves you from sudden fluctuations.
  • There can problems in fitting if you are replacing a previously installed electric shower as water entry is just from one side.
  • This shower is a little noisy, but If you set water pressure at low rate noise is not much higher. Further, low pressure does not let the shower handle slip from your hands.

#6) Mira Showers Thermostatic

The greatest strength of this shower is instant water heat up. The shower is durable and able to supply hot water consistently. However, you need a strong wiring system to use this shower. Thermo static shower is available in two powers including 9.0KW and 9.8KW.

The shower is equipped with sensi-flo, opti-flo, and clear scale technologies make it a wonderful piece with amazing features.  One more thing, the shower got adjustable sidebars that easily fit in the holes of your previous fit electric shower.

Mira Electric Shower

Product features

  • Equipped with an enhanced mechanism to control the water temperature
  • Equipped with a scientific mechanism to control water flow and sustained supply
  • The shower contains 4 spray heads. You can choose a spray pattern

What we like about it

  • Exceptional thermostat to support bathing experience. We verify that water is drained from the hot water tank at your desired set temperature. You don’t have to worry about hot water.
  • Installation is not very complex. It should take around 20-30 minutes of installation for your plumber. Further, fitting does not require a greater quantity of screws.
  • It’s the best choice if you are going to replace your previously installed Mira electric shower. The reason is that fewer screws are required and water entry remains from the same place.


  • You need to ensure that the housing wire is substantial enough to support 9.8KW, (45 amps). Further, ensure that the RCD safety device is installed on the route of the cable.
  • The shower handle does not have rubber, which creates a problem for holding the shower in hand. However, you can use rubber from the previous shower, if you have.
  • Water entry is from left-hand size. Only purchase this shower if your previous electric shower had water entry from the left, else you have to do holes in walls.

#7)  GROHE Euphoria (Best electric shower from Grohe)

This is the most advanced and featured electric shower on our list. Grohe produced Euphoria shower after massive research and patent technology for a constant flow of water, safety features, water heat control mechanism, and exceptional designs to increase the beauty of your bathroom. We believe this is the best shower with a thermostat or temperature control mechanism. We further believe it to be the product for people looking for luxury and quality bath experience.

Euphoria 201 is equipped with Gorhe Turbos tat technology. This technology ensures the temperature of the water does not change from the desired scale and the user enjoys showering from start to end. Grohe installed an aqua dimmer to control the water flow without any need to put efforts. The quality of spray, the falling drops of water, safe stop features, and handgrip.

Grohe Euphoria is equipped with various modern, latest, and patent shower techniques including Safe stop, Turbo Stat, Dream spray, Starlight, safe stop plus, Twist free, Metal grip, Inner water grip, and easy reach tray. That’s the combination of beauty, safety, and, luxury. We strongly recommend this shower for its luxury features and comfort of the bath. If it’s not a big bar in your pocket, close your eyes and go for buying.

Grohe Electric Shower

Product features

  • Safe stop restricts the temperature to 38°C.
  • Dream spray provides an enjoyable flow of the water
  • The body contains a metal that provides a durable bath experience.
  • Speed clean technology ensures lime is not stored within the shower system.
  • Turbo stat technology ensures thermal power and water heat remain in the control, it makes use of wax thermo element.
  • Grohe’s remarkable research has introduced some water and temperature-based techniques to provide you an amazing bath experience. 

What we like about it

  • Equipped with modern technologies to amaze your bath experience.
  • A leader in quality, durability, and luxury power shower.
  • Trusted UK based company that wins your heart with quality and durability.


  • Expensive product, but compensated by the use of the latest technologies and innovations.
  • Repair may be difficult as the internal design of the shower is sophisticated.

We have tried our best to give you advice on the purchase of the best electric shower in uk. Our list contains the showers that proved to be amazing, quality-oriented, and equipped with modern features. Good luck with your product research!