Aqualisa Electric Shower with modern features and powerful functions

Aqualisa Quartz Electric shower

Beauty and control of temperature are two remarkable features of Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower. Aqualisa shower is equipped with the latest technologies to provide an amazing bath experience with advanced safety features. Good thing is that, only cold water feed is required that means shower contains strong internal heating system.

Aqualisa Electric Shower

Product features

  • We call it the best beauty.
  • 5 different spray patterns.
  • Instant heat transfer with no need to store hot water.
  • Protection from intense temperature.
  • Available in different colors including graphite, white, and chrome.

What we like about it

  • Top-notch beauty to increase the beauty of your bathrooms. It’s the best electric shower if you are looking for some luxury shower purchases.
  • Strong grip on temperature control as Aqualisa uses the latest technology. No doubt, it’s easy to install and effective to use.
  • Only cold water feed is required under main water pressure. The shower works great and gives an adequate jet and controllable heat. Standard of the quality is higher and a larger shower head makes it further amazing.


  • If you opt for 10.5 KW, it requires the use of strong house wiring. The ampere is higher enough and exposed to the risk of wire damage and fire.
  • There is no in-built pressure system to push the water. If there is a shortage of water in your area or water fitting is not compatible to provide sustained water flow, there can be a problem in your bathing experience.
  • Some people have complained about durability of the Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower.


We only find this product of Quartz to be listed on our website. Other models of the Aqualisa shower could not satisfy us and we do not recommend them. There are many other models for the electric shower for the companies like Mira electric shower and Triton electric shower.

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