Best electric power showers with in-built pressure system

I’ve complied a list of the best electric power showers. Power showers are designed for use on low-pressure systems. There is an in-built pressure system to boost low water pressure.

A power shower requires a hot and cold water supply. These cold and hot water are mixed together and increase the flow to provide a hot shower.

Generally, power showers produce higher flow rates than electric showers and many mixer showers.

#1) Mira showers Vigour thermostatic, power shower

The shower is designed only for the gravity-fed plumbing system. It’s should only be purchased if you’ve low water pressure on your premises. There is thermostatic control that helps in the maintenance of the water temperature even when you’ve got a lower water pressure system.

Triton Vigour thermostatic best power shower

Product features

  • In-built thermostat.
  • Water feed on the left-hand side.
  • Only good for the low water pressure feed.
  • The minimum gravity feed required to operate effective is 800 mm.

What we like about it

  • Mira Vigour is easy to fit and gives pleasant looks.
  • It’s the best choice if there is some issue with water pressure at your building apartment or home.
  • Mira’s technical helpline and service technician are excellent, they’ll help you if you get any problem with an installation process.
  • Generally, Mira showers are expensive one but Mira vigour is a comparatively economical product being Mira’s production.
  • The thermostat is an exceptional one. You can easily control the temperature. The shower will mix hot and cold supply based on your desired temperature.


  • There is a noise of water mixing.
  • You’ll need a water tank on the left side as there is only a water entrance from the left.
  • There are no multiple entry routes. The product is not suitable for replacement.
  • There is no internal heating element, you’ve to ensure supply of hot water. But, that’s ok because it’s a power shower, not an electric shower.
  • If you use the highest pressure option, you’ll simple loos the handle from your hands. There is some grip problem.

Please note there is no internal heating elements. This is just a power shower with thermostat.

#2) Triton showers Silent running, power shower

The shower is designed to give you silent water pressure. Triton has introduced technology to keep it silent. There is a maximum temperature threshold that protects your body from over heated water temperature.

Triton silent running best electric power shower

Product features

  • Easy to use.
  • Quiet mark approved technology to give a soothing bath experience.
  • Multiple water and power entrance to make it the best fit for the replacement.
  • Designed for low pressure gravity feed system.

What we like about it

  • The quality of the temperature threshold is excellent, it gives a full stop if the temperature of the water turns higher.
  • Performance is excellent for a low pressure gravity fed water system.
  • Shower installation is very easy, there are no such complexities if you know some basics of the plumbing like holes, molding, water flow, and some knowledge of the heating elements.


  • There are some concerns about the quality of material used in the manufacturing process.
  • There is no internal heating element, you’ve to ensure supply of hot water. But, that’s ok because it’s a power shower, not an electric shower.
  • It may sound like noise if there are some faults in the process of installation or some faults within the shower body.

You are good to go with this if an electric power shower is required with no noise.

#3) Triton tank-fed, pumped electric shower

The good thing about this shower is that it got an internal heating element and water pressure system. Further, the Triton tank-fed shower is equipped with T90-xr technology. This technology creates ease in the installation process of the electric shower.

Triton tank-fed best electric power shower

Product features

  • Requires cold water supply.
  • Good for the low water supplying stream.
  • Quality is approved by the British Electro technical Approvals board.

What we like about it

  • The best part of this shower is a good quality pressure pump with an internal heating element. It really makes an amazing combo of the heat and pressure with a good value for money.
  • The shower has passed quality and standard tests by the British Electro Technical Boards.
  • The shower is easy to use with a start/stop button.


  • There are some issues with the power function of this shower. The power element is not much strong. However, there is an internal heating system.
  • There is no much beauty with the shower looks. It’s just like a normal shower.

Please note this shower is only suitable for the low water supply and cold water feed is required.

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