Best Electric Shower For Hard Water Areas

Image Product Details   Price
Size9.5 KW
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Aspirnate-8.5KW Triton RECOL208GSWHT Colour: White Gloss
Size8.5 KW
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KITO-9.5KW Triton ‎17162492 Colour: Chrome
Size: ‎9.5 KW
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MIRA-AZORA Mira Showers 1.1634.011 Colour: Chrome
Size: ‎9.8 KW
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Bristan-Hydro-Power Bristan HY POWSHX10 W Colour: White/Chrome
Size: 1000
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MIRA-ELITE Mira 1.1941.003 Colour: ‎White/Chrome
Size: 9.8kW
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Size: 9.5 KW
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MIRA-SHOWER-VIE-ELECTRIC-SHOWER Mira Showers 1.1788.004 Colour: White/Chrome
Size: ‎8.5 kilowatts
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#1) Triton aspirant, Brushed steel electric shower

Triton aspirant is easy to use and beautiful electric shower with a steel body. It enhances the beauty of your bathroom and provides an amazing outlook. Gets fitted within minutes and delivered fast. This shower provides thermostatic control with three settings that include cold, hot, and super-hot. It’s an electric shower. So, you just need to ensure that the appropriate flow of the cold water is maintained to get hot water.

Triton Aspirante 9.5kw

Product features

  • Easy to fit.
  • Easily operated.
  • Intact beauty
  • Excellent thermostatic control

What we like about it

  • The beauty of Triton aspirant is an exceptional one. It will certainly add luxurious looks to your bathroom.
  • The press button helps to control the immediate flow of the water.
  • Excellent customer service of Triton is always ready to help if you have some difficulty in installations etc.
  • Considering beauty aspects, style, luxurious product, and the quality of material price are reasonable.


  • The only power rating is 9.5KW which can melt the wire if an electric system of your house or apartment is not strong.
  • Sometimes, the water does not get hot even in the super hottest settings. However, in this case, you need to ensure there are no shortcomings with the fittings and the supply of electric power.
  • The shower head and the nose are not universally compatible. So, there may be a problem in the future if you need to replace the shower head.
  • Triton Aspirant lacks the advanced features of the electric showers that like sensi-flow, clear scale, and air boost technology.

Please only make this purchase if you are looking for beauty aspects in the electric shower. This shower lacks modern features.

2) Triton Aspirante collection 2, (8.5 KW)

Triton Aspiante is white coloured and round in shape. The beauty aspects are normal and the good thing is that this product offers all the essential features of an electric shower. The company has taken care of user safety and shower durability in manufacturing. So, it’s suitable if you are looking for durability.

Aspirnate 8.5KW

Product features

  • Easy to use.
  • Anti-twist hose.
  • Phased shut down.
  • Separate temperature and pressure settings

What we like about it

  • Triton aspirante is easy to use and easy to install, just a few wires and pipes need to be fitted accurately.
  • When you shut the shower it pushes out the water in phases and the last push ensures no water remains in the shower head or pipes. This helps to avoid an accumulation of the lime.
  • The temperature and pressure can be controlled separately, this gives the user the control expected from a modern day electric shower.
  • Three spray patterns ensure you get a lavish showering experience. You can choose between high pressure low pressure water drops to an intense rainy experience. Further, it can be an excellent replacement for the previous electric shower considering fitting aspects.


  • Triton aspirante is only suitable for use in the United Kingdom. (Considering the water, voltage, and other technical specification)
  • The material of the shower is good. However, the middle ring of the material may be subject to corrosion if appropriate care is not taken with cleaning.
  • The heating element of Triton Aspirants is not strong enough. Even the hottest setting may not be so hot.

This shower can be an excellent choice if you are looking for easy-fitting features and the essential function of the electric shower.

#3) Kito chrome shower – (10.5 KW)

It’s a round-shaped, luxurious, and chrome colour electric shower manufactured by Triton. Further, the shower body is designed considering safety measures to protect it from limescale accumulation. In addition to this, the mechanism of the phased shut down ensures there is no water in the shower head/shower body once you are done with the showering (this also helps to prevent internal rusting of the shower body).

9.5 kw

Product features

  • Durable hose.
  • 5 different showering patterns.
  • 3- Phased shut down to protect shower body.
  • 5- Product by Triton shower.
  • 4- Strong controls on temperature and pressure.

What we like about it

  • The shower body is designed to protect it from rusting to make it a durable shower.
  • It’s an electric shower. So, no need to worry about the heating aspects of this product.
  • This shower is easy to fit and does not need to apply sophisticated plumbing technologies.
  • It can be an excellent product if you are looking to replace an old triton shower with the new one.
  • The water heating element is strong and the shower got ability to warm up the water instantly.


  • Kito chrome shower does not have modern features like sensi flo technology and pressure control mechanisms.
  • If the casing gets splashed from the down side, it looks streaky, and of course, chrome might not look so beautiful.
  • It’s only suitable if you intend to use the product in the United Kingdom/Ireland.
  • There may be some problem with the pressure if there is a problem with the main water supply.

It can be an excellent choice if you are replacing the old Triton shower with the new one. It will help you to avoid the hustles of fittings and other problems.

#4) Mira Azora – 9.8 KW Electric shower

Mira showers have introduced two models of the Mira Azora. One of the models is a single head shower and another one is a dual head electric shower. This shower is equipped with clear scale technology to avoid an accumulation of the limescale in the shower body – this helps to increase the expected life of the shower.


Product features

  • Sensi flow technology.
  • Phased shut down.
  • Push button for on/off.
  • Strong controls for the pressure and temperature.

What we like about it

  • The wider range of the heat controls as the power setting varies from 5KW to KW. It’s connected with the temperature settings of the cold, summer, and hot water.
  • Different water settings of the shower head include rain/massage/mist.
  • The usual standard from Mira showers with modern day technology helps in the control of water pressure, heat, and durability aspects.
  • The shower body is designed to have sustained water pressure. If there are some problems in the water pressure from the main cold supply, the shower body helps to keep the water supply optimum.


  • The shower has a left-hand feed. So, it may not be ideal if you are replacing the old shower.
  • It’s a little expensive shower although considering technology and other aspects of the shower functions.
  • It’s a little expensive shower although considering technology and other aspects of the shower functions.
  • Other models of the Mira showers like Mira sport max and Mira multi jump seem to be more advanced considering the functional aspects of the showering.

The shower of Mira can be an excellent choice if you have some water pressure in the main cold supply.

#5) Bristan, Hydro-power and thermostatic shower – (White coloured electric shower)

It’s a family shower that can be easily used by all members of the family including children as the height of the shower head can easily get flexed. It’s suitable for the low-pressure gravity system with pressure from 0.1-1 bar.

Bristan Hydro power electric shower

Product features

  • Exceptional thermostat.
  • Single dial temperature.
  • Push/stop button (easy to use).
  • Compatible with low pressure water supply.
  • Strong ABS material used in the shower body.
  • Eco button provided to deactivate the boost.

What we like about it

  • The height of the shower head is flexible. So, you can set the point of the shower head as per your height – this helps to maintain the pressure of the showering water.
  • An exceptional thermostatic internal system to ensure the availability of the hot water at your desire.
  • It works absolutely fine even in the pressure range of 0.1-1 bar of the water flow. Hence, it can be an excellent choice if the pressure of the main supply keeps fluctuating.
  • This shower can be of greater importance if you need to replace an old shower.


  • This shower does not have modern technologies like sensi-flow, thermo stop, and others as offered by Mira shower and Triton showers.
  • The pipe of the water enters the shower body from the side rather than behind. It might actually be a dot on the beauty aspects of not only the shower but the whole bathroom.
  • There is some technical problem with this shower. So, it creates so much noise. Hence, the showering experience can be annoying in this regard.
  • The water might actually leak internally if fitting aspects are not taken into account appropriately.

The beauty of this electric shower is an exceptional thermostat with the ability to warm up the coldest water within minutes.

6) Mira elite – Dual pump electric shower

It’s a luxurious shower recently manufactured by the Mira showers. It’s designed to instantly heat up the water to your desired temperature. However, the main supply of the water must be sustained to ensure the smooth working of the function.

Modern technologies like clear scale, clear filter, and the silent mark make it an attractive shower with a reasonable price. Further, a good thing is that it comes with a double shower head that increases the luxury of showering.

Product features

  • Dual shower head.
  • Limescale protection.
  • Noise-free water pump.
  • Attractive design and looks.
  • No heating system needed.

What we like about it

  • A silent water pump helps you to avoid noise in the showering activity to ensure a sound showering experience – (quiet mark approved technology)
  • Luxurious electric shower with the features that include hand shower and the deluge shower – (you can switch between the two on your desire).
  • Strong heating element to provide instant access to the hot water.
  • Mira Elite dual tech, clean to filter, quiet mark approved, and clear scale technology makes it a luxurious electric shower. Although, the price of this shower is reasonable a well.


  • There may be fluctuation in the water pressure if the main supply is not provided with adequate water.
  • It’s a little expensive electric shower although the features of the shower are sound.
  • There may be internal leakage of the water if the shower is not fitted adequately.

It’s an excellent choice if the water pressure of your apartment/building is adequate and you are looking for modern features of the electric shower in your purchase.

7) Triton ream Amoer, slender, steel body electric shower

Very few showers are made in the material of alloy steel and Triton ream is one of them. The features of the shower make it even capable to be used in the hard water area as there is a phased shut down that helps to avoid limescale accumulation. Further, It comes with two power settings of 8.5KW and 9.KW. Both the settings can be higher and dangerous if wiring of your home is not strong enough.


Product features

  • Phased shut down.
  • Long anti-twist hose.
  • 5 patterns of the shower head.
  • Power ratings of 8.5KW and 9.5KW.
  • Digital display for temperature reading

What we like about it

  • Digital control for the temperature and the water pressure. The control dial acts as an excellent control.
  • Phased shut down to ensure prevention of the limescale in the shower body.
  • Five different spray patterns to ensure a variety of the waterfall.
  • The process of installation is fairly easy with the least efforts required to set up the shower in appropriate working condition.
  • The steel material of the shower body can be cleaned easily even in areas of hard water.


  • Minimum 1 bar of water pressure is required to ensure sustained water flow. If the water pressure is below 1 bar, the efficiency won’t be a mark.
  • The water and power entries are on the left side of the shower body. So, there it might not be an appropriate choice in case of shower replacement.
  • The main dial for the control of water pressure and temperature is smooth and it can be difficult to operate with wet hands while showering.
  • The water might dribble from the shower head for some time after switching off the shower.
  • The minimum water temperature of this shower is 43-degree centigrade and which might not be appropriate for all the users as some people love to have a shower at 35 degrees centigrade or higher.

This can be an excellent purchase if you are looking for electric shower with steel body and equipped with modern features.

#8) Mira shower vie with three power setting

Mira vie comes in white/chrome colours and three power settings that include 8.5KW. 9.5KW, and 10.8KW. You can opt for the power settings depending on the strength of the wiring and other electrical conditions of your home/apartment. In addition to this, the shower is economical but the heating element is very strong.


product features

  • Easy to install.
  • Eco settings.
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • 8.5KW, 9.5KW, and 10.8 KW.
  • Strong heating element.
  • Clear scale technology

What we like about it

  • Mira Clear scale technology helps to ensure the durability of the shower body.
  • The eco settings help to ensure consumption of the temperature and the water pressure.
  • Easy to use – pushed button ensures instant on/off of the shower.
  • Strong heating element – helps to ensure cold water is heated up instantly.


  • This shower does not have phased shut down. So, it means the water might dribble from your shower body even after you have stopped the usage.
  • It’s a basic shower and lacks modern technologies like thermostatic controls, sensi-flow, and air boost technology.
  • The water and power entry is on the left side of the shower body. So, this shower is not suitable if you want to replace this unit with the previous electric shower.
  • Just a single spray pattern of the showering and does not provide a variety of the patterns.

This shower offers an excellent heating element with multiple power settings.

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