Bristan electric shower (Digital screen electric showers) Reviews

Bristan is a company specialized in the production and distribution of taps, electric showers, and power showers. The company has introduced series of Bristan showers. No doubt, Bristan electric shower is a big name when we speak about electric and power showers.

We have selected successful models to be a part of our list. Please go through the pros and cons of each model before making any final decision.

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#1) Bristan electric shower (Bliss)

Briston shower Bliss

Product features

  • Digital screen controls to give luxury looks.
  • Digital display reminder to clean shower head that helps to avoid the limescale.
  • Multiple water and cable inputs make it perfect for replacement.

What we like about it

  • Thanks to the LED temperature display. It helps in noting your preferred temperature and you can maintain it for your next round as well.
  • A family safe thermostat, easy replacement, anti-lime technology, Digital temperature display, and performance indicators make it the perfect shower for your family.
  • Water and electric feed are from both the right-hand and left-hand sides. Making it the perfect electric shower if you are going to replace your old shower.
  • Nobody in the world should face difficulty in the installation of this electric shower. Even, critiques of Bristan appreciate this trait.


  • The temperature display only shows the current temperature of the water inside the shower. It does not let you set your desired temperature by looking at the digital screen of the shower. However, there is a traditional setting of the desired temperature.
  • The performance of the thermostat is adversely affected if the water supply gets colder. Especially, in the winter season of the year.
  • There is no pressure pump and the pressure of water out-flow is dependent on the pressure of the cold feed. If your bathroom is located in an area where cold supply can-not be connected downside. It may affect your showering experience.
  • 6% customers have complained about the un-know fluctuation of the temperature in the water of the electric shower. But, good thing is that Briss comes with a warranty of 2 years. Customer service is helpful and caring.

#2) Bristan electric shower (Joy)

Do you know Bristan Joy got all the features of electric showers. These include an easy replacement, multi-power options, warm-up mode, digital temperature display, performance indicator, family safe thermostat, and Anti lime. It’s a complete modern shower but there are few problems as per our review.

Briston shower joy

Product features

  • 1- Enhanced thermal – avoid temperature fluctuations when water is used elsewhere in your home.
  • Available in 2 types 8.5 KW and 9.5KW.

What we like about it

  • Digital display that helps you in choosing your desired temperature of the water. Good thermal and lime-scale features help in the extension of the shower’s life.
  • There are two power range 8.5KW and 9.5KW. You can choose the power depending on the conditions of your house wiring.
  • 9.5 kW can be chose if the wiring of the home is not strong enough to support the electric heating shower. If so, opt for 8.5 KW.
  • The enhanced performance indicator for the visual reminder of the external feature. This helps in increasing the life of the shower.


  • Please, don’t buy this shower if you are looking for the replacement of your previously installed electric shower. As there are few points of water and electric cable entry. You may have to dig the tiles to get the shower fit.
  • This is just an electric shower, not a water pump. So, there may not be much greater water pressure if the cold feed is not strong enough.
  • 9.5 kW is a higher electric power. It should only be opted when the wiring of the home is strong enough.
  • You need to ensure that the cold water feed is strong and the flow of the water is adequate. There may be a problem with the water pressure if the connection is not strong.

#3) Bristan electric shower (Glee)

Bristan Glee is a digital display shower. The digital numbers help you in choosing desired water temperature.  Bristan glee got two different colors including white and black with three different power settings. The shower is an economical one considering the modern features and digital screen.

Bristan shower Glee

Product features

  • Performance indicator as visual reminder reminds you to clean the external head.
  • Anti-lime scale features help you to keep the shower clean and safe.
  • Perfect replacement as shower got multiple water and electric routes.

What we like about it

  • Digital temperature control helps you in setting the desired temperature. Please note it shows the temperature of the water flowing out from the shower.
  • Easy to install and use the shower. Digital LEDs system makes it the perfect piece for the perfect and easy showering experience.
  • There is a very low noise of the electric shower. The only noise you get is for the water flow.
  • The maximum water pressure is 10 bars which are good enough for the bath experience.


  • Some people reported issues with thermostatic water temperature. However, Bristan agreed to make the replacement.
  • If some-thing goes wrong with the digital temperature screen, It may be really difficult to get it repaired.
  • If you are resident in an area of hot water, the life of this shower may not be much high because of the capacity to accumulate the limestone.
  • Sometimes, LED display shows instant fluctuations in the water temperature. There is no family safe thermostat for the family use.

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