Different types of the electric showers

There are different types of the electric showers depending on the main water supply, purpose of the usage, and many other factors. Mainly, electric shows are used as water heating instrument to provide warm water for the better showering experience. Let’s discuss types of the electric shower depending on the functions and purpose of the use.

Main electric shower and different types of the electric showers

That’s the basic electric shower that makes use of the heating element to generate the warm water on demand. These showers use cold water or normal water in the feed and heat up the water passing through heating area.

The beauty of the electric shower is that it does not go out of hot water on account of instant heating element. This is the best option if you have large family and always staring at the boiler for your needs of the hot water. Based on my experience and technical understanding, I’ve a compiled a list of the best electric showers that provide brilliant value for money and easy access to the hot water.

Pumped shower

Pumped showers are used when the pressure from main supply is lower, these shower contain in-built pump that makes a strong push of the water from shower body. This gives a brilliant showering experience when you have low water pressure from the supply.

Mixer shower

The mixer showers do not have heating element. It means they rely on the cold and hot water supply to get the desired temperature that you want to experience during showering activity. Some of the mixer showers have thermostatic controls and some are just mechanical shower that mix up hot and cold water supply.

The thermostatic mixer showers contain sensor that protects your body from over heated water temperature.  I’ve compiled a selected three remarkable mixer showers that fulfill your needs.

Power showers

Power showers are designed for the gravity fed plumbing water system. The shower provides boost to the water flow and works to increase water pressure. There is a little difference between the mixer showers and powers as both require hot and cold water feed. However, power shower is the most favorite area when it comes about low water pressure.

I’ve compiled a list of the best power shower to help you in making the best decision of shower purchase.

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