How does an electric shower works?

We often come across the question that how does an electric shower works? An electric shower is a very simple device that simply takes cold water as a feed, heats it up, and supplies you hot water to be used as in your bath experience. Let’s glance at how does an electric shower works?

Water feeding

Electric showers take cold water as the main feed. However, you need to ensure that the pressure of the water is sufficient enough to supply the hot water for your showering experience. Please make sure to install the water feed in a gravity friendly position. It means that the main water supply should be connected to supply cold water with pressure.

Heating element

It’s the same heating element that is used in the manufacturing of tea cattle. The difference is that the heating element of the kettle is very low in volume but the heating element of the electric shower is large and the heating capacity is higher. The increased capacity got the ability to supply instant hot water on your demand.

Power input

You need to supply the electric current for the function of the heating element. It’s like electric current produced some thermal energy inside the metals of the electric shower and you get the hot water of your desire. There are different power options available to you for the electric shower that include 8.5KW, 9,5KW, and 10 KW.

The performance of the electric shower is indeed affected by the KW power that you select. However, please keep in mind that the wiring of your house should be strong enough if you opt for the 10KW of power. If that’s not the case you may look at the 8.5W.


Since you need an electric shower just for the warm water to be used in the home. 8.5KW of the power should be sufficient.

Adjusting temperature

Further, you can change the desired temperature of the water required. Electric showers contain a revolving button that gives you different options of hot water. You can simply adjust the button to get the water temperature of your desire. To be technical, this revolving button controls the flow of the electric current inside of the heating element.

Adjusting pressure

Adjusting pressure is simply based on the valves. If you completely open the valve water pressure will be higher but if you open it slightly, the water pressure will be low, it’s simple science.

Enjoy yourself

What you get with the installation of the electric shower is peace of mind that there is no problem with the hot water. You can access the hot water at your desired temperature and pressure 24/7. An electric shower brings an excellent showering experience for you.

Free advice!

Some people think that electric showers are not safe as there is a combination of the water and electric current with them, Let me tell you that the current and heating element of the electric shower is insulated properly. So, there is no way for the electric current to flow out of the heating element. But, please do not ignore precautions as getting an electric shower fixed from the professional plumber and flowing usage guidelines. Further, I have complied a list of the best electric showers for you!

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