Mira sprint shower

Mira sprint is an excellent product from Mira with essential features of the electric shower. This shower got an excellent thermostat to protect the user from the heat of the water. However, we recommend to consider the pros and cons before making any final decision.


Product features

  • Easy to clean.
  • Adequate controls.
  • Excellent thermostat.
  • Pressure indication.
  • Auto shut mechanism

What we like about it

  • Strong thermostat with the ability to stop the water if over-heated (It’s essential to save you from over-heated water).
  • 8.5KW power rating is sufficient to heat up the water to the desired temperature.
  • Very easy to fit and the installation process is very simple.
  • Excellent protection for the user and very easy to operate the shower.
  • 2 years of warranty from the Mira Showers.
  • If the water pressure is low – it’s indicated by the indicator installed within the body of the shower.
  • Soap tray helps you to take control over showering activity.


  • Not suitable for the replacement as there are just two entry points.
  • 8.5KW can be higher power if the wiring of your home/apartment is not strong enough.
  • Water might leak from the shower body if the fitting is not carried appropriately.
  • Some reports suggest that the solenoid used is not of excellent quality. So, it may create problems almost after 2 years.
  • No advanced features to control lime-scale and other techniques to avoid rusting.
  • 8.5kw may be higher power if wiring of your building or home is not strong.

This purchase can be an excellent one if you are looking for a cheap electric shower with essential features of the showering. However, good thing is Mira is a big brand when it comes to electric showers and the purchase should be free of doubts.

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