Mixer showers

Mixer showers have two valves that control the flow of the hot and cold water. These showers mix the hot and cold water supply to provide you the desired temperature. I’ve compiled a list of the best mixer showers to guide the purchase process.

1-) Hansgrohe Ecostat 1001 CL thermostatic shower mixer, chrome

Durability, temperature control, constant water pressure, and 40-degree celsius lock make Ecostat Thermo gives a complete value for money. It’s a well-sold product of the Grohe but suitable for high-pressure water supply only.

It will take years of research and innovation for other companies to reach the durability and quality standard of Hansgrohe Ecostst thermostatic shower.

Ecostat mixer shower

Product features

  • Ultimate stylish.
  • Designer brand and just brilliant.
  • Eco friendly and durable.

What we like about it

  • 40 degree Celsius lock ensures you won’t get much hot water.
  • The eco-friendly option limits the water supply to 10 liters of water per minute. This option is best for the children.
  • This shower mixer offers the next level of safety in terms of water savings, safety, and value for money.
  • Easy to fit and easy to use. You can fit it yourself if you have some understanding of the plumbing basics.


  • It’s an expensive product considering just a mixture, not a complete shower.
  • Only suitable for the high-pressure water supply. It won’t function perfectly if there is low water pressure.
  • Sometimes, fluctuation in the water temperature is reported by the users of this product. It means there are some questions about the efficiency and operating capability of this mixer shower.

2-) Hansgrohe Focus shower mixer, chrome

Efficient, attractive, easy to use, and durable are a prime function of the shower mixer. It’s not a big surprise as Hansgrohe maintained its quality and durability. However, this mixer shower is not thermostatic just a mechanical mixing point.

It’s not a thermometer mixer shower but a mechanical point for mixing the hot and cold water streams. However, it’s only suitable for the high-pressure water supply minimum 1.0 bar.

Focus shower

Product features

  • Easy pressure and temperature control.
  • East to install and operate.
  • Inclusive of the enhanced basic features.

What we like about it

  • Easy to control as comes with one lever to control water pressure and desirable temperature.
  • It’s a simple mixer shower and easy to install.
  • The unit is no frill and only includes mechanical features of the mixer shower.


  • There is no thermostat and you need to regulate the valves for the desired water temperature.
  • There are no advanced features in this shower mixture and only basic functions are given.

3-) GROHE BauEdge | Bathroom Faucet – Single Lever Shower Mixer, Integrated Check Valve

It’s a ceramic material mixer shower. It’s a mechanical mixer shower mixing hot and cold from two different streams. The left-hand side is fully hot and the right-hand side is fully cold. You need to mix both the supplies after manual testing of the water temperature.

However, the design and presentation of the mixer shower are lavish and excellent that makes this mixer part of our list.

Grohe mixer shower

Product features

  • Grohe StarLight to sustain surface shining and avoid limescale.
  • German techniques for the safety and avoiding limescale.
  • Equipped with silk move technology – a single lever to control temperature and water.

What we like about it

  • Simple and sound but equipped with modern features like starlight technology, limescale safety features, and single handle control features.
  • Easy to use, easy to install, and effective in cost.
  • We have interviewed 25 users of the unit and they are happy with the product.


  • Manual temperature setting by valve revolving hot and cold water temperature valve.
  • You need to check pipe compatibility for the shower mixer.

Our list of mixer showers contains three units. We have carried out massive research on each and every unit before making a recommendation. Please go through the pros and cons and try to understand if a specific mixer shower fulfills your need.

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