Triton Aspirante 9.5kw Electric Shower Review

Triton aspirante 9.5kw electric shower reviews are given as,

Triton aspirante is an easy-to-use and beautiful electric shower with a steel body. It enhances the beauty of your bathroom and provides an amazing outlook. In addition to this, it gets fitted within minutes and delivered fast. This shower provides thermostatic control with three settings that include cold, hot, and super-hot. It’s an electric shower. So, you just need to ensure that the appropriate flow of the cold water is maintained to get hot water.


Product Triton – Aspirante 9.5kw – ‎DICE0042
Colour Stainless Steel
Weight 454 g
Dimensions H 300 x W 200 x D 94mm
Style Contemporary
Finish ‎Brushed
Warranty 2 Years
Price Check Price

Triton aspirante 9.5ke electric shower reviews

Triton Aspirante

Product features

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Intact beauty.
  • Excellent thermostatic control.

What we like about it

  • The beauty of Triton aspirante is an exceptional one. It will certainly add luxurious looks to your bathroom.
  • The press button helps to control the immediate flow of the water.
  • Excellent customer service of Triton is always ready to help if you have some difficulty in installations etc.
  • Considering beauty aspects, style, luxurious product, and the quality of material price are reasonable.


  • The only power rating is 9.5KW which can melt the wire if an electric system of your house or apartment is not strong.
  • Sometimes, the water does not get hot even in the super hottest settings. However, in this case, you need to ensure there are no shortcomings with the fittings and the supply of electric power.
  • The shower head and the nose are not universally compatible. Son, there may be a problem in the future if you need to replace the shower head.
  • Triton Aspirant lacks the advanced features of the electric showers that like sensi flow, clear scale, and air boost technology.

Please only purchase this product if you are concerned about the looks of the electric shower with reasonable features. It lacks modern-day technologies and offers basic features of the electric shower.

For further exploring Triton shower please click here. We hope you agree with Triton aspirante 9.5kw electric shower reviews.

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